Stretching potential


Straight Zigzag is a service for childhood development, surrounded by the core value of PLAY.  Real play. Play in the way that the environment cues the child’s imagination to create new ideas, themes, stories, movements and develop new skills.  While moving with the times and acknowledging the changing world we urge parents to foster traditional play experiences for their children by making use of

– masterful toys

– scientific knowledge about development

– toy sharing opportunities, and

– supporting non-profit organisations that foster a play experience in poorer communities

The concept of a straight zigzag embodies the idea that not all children fit into the mould that society expects of them.  While all children will eventually need to fit into society, by providing the right challenges we can assist them to fit in in their own unique way, rather than force them to be straightened out  into yet another linear replica of what someone else thinks they should be.  We aim to provide developmental challenges for typically developing as well as special needs children.

Site still under construction…


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